Interviewed by Ray Hecht

Author Ray Hecht has interviewed me over on his blog, where I reveal the inspiration behind my new book: odd messages posted all over a small Chinese town:

But once I noticed one message, I noticed all of them; they were all over the place, mysterious, perhaps sinister. And not all these messages were new. Some were barely readable while others looked like they’d been posted yesterday. Someone had been doing this for years. Why?

and in addition to that, we also discuss my life in China and my new book, The Pale Ancient & the House of Mirrors. Read the rest here!

He has written several books, available here. I also did a review of his book, Ghost of the Lotus Mountain Brothel.

The Seven Year Laowai (Kindle Edition) – FREE June 14 – 18!

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And while you’re at it, don’t forget the Anthill’s masterful edit, Down and Out in Wuhan, as well as the many great writers featured on their site!

New Sample: When the Nightbird Lands – Chapter One

NEW SAMPLE: When the Nightbird Lands, Chapter One

When his grandson dies in Iraq, a lonely Korean War veteran must make peace with his estranged daughter before scheming relatives steal his grandson’s possessions.

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A sample from a WIP (Four years married to someone who brings out your worst)

Lisa and William went to the kitchen and she opened the cabinets.

“Is it tea, coffee or hot chocolate?”

He shrugged.

She copied him. “That is a spasm, not a response.”

“It doesn’t matter to me.”

“What would you like to drink, William?”

“Hot chocolate,” he said, and it felt good to choose. Four years married to someone who brought out your worst could hide but ultimately not erase your best.


From the intellectual den of Facebook, someone was rather pleased that New York City banned styrofoam cups:

“Wish this law was enacted when I was 15, working at McDonalds, and watching all the goofballs get their 32 ounce iced teas in styrofoam. Admittedly, I tried to take matters into my own hands, and refuse to serve drinks in styrofoam, while educating people in the drive-thru about the harms of styrofoam when they demanded their “cool cup”. I was later told by management to STFU and just give out the styrofoam cups. Now, over a decade later, NEW YORK BANS STYROFOAM!!!! “

Fascinating how some people make caricature pointless.