Questions about Teaching English in China – Health Insurance

Do schools in China offer you health insurance?

In my experience, no. They offer “accidental coverage”, which means that if a car hits you, and the driver forgets to back over you to make sure you’re dead, the school will pay for it.

Otherwise, much like here in America, you’re on your own.

趁火打劫:Loot a burning house

Currently reading Lure the Tiger out of the Mountains – The 36 Stratagems of Ancient China.

It’s hard for me to do this book justice by praising it, so let me just describe it in simple terms: the book is a collection of 36 chengyu with an illustrating anecdote from Chinese history and contemporary examples circa 1990ish or so.

One I read yesterday is chen huo da jie 趁火打劫, Loot a burning house. It’s about taking advantage of your opponent’s misfortunes. You can also lead him into a situation where you can then loot him for all he’s worth.

One example the book gives is ambulance-chasing lawyers. Another is the concentration of immigration lawyers in southern California and Texas.

Can you think of any other examples? One that instantly comes to mind: the funeral industry. The funeral industry (or, mortuary services, if you will) makes money off people terrified of what happens after death and their grieving families.

Others could be tabloid news-programs and magazines — Inside Edition took the ball 9/11 gave them and has showed no signs of dropping it, and let’s not even get into the children misfortunate enough to have been born in the aftermath of 9/11 who are now marked for life as “9/11 Babies”, by both the eat-its-young media and their parents, who no doubt would’ve eaten these kids if it meant a few extra seconds in the spotlight.

Any others?


I just watched Herman Cain’s interview with the WSJ, where he spoke about Occupy Wall Street.

Going by all the outrage on left-wing blogs, you’d think that’s what the whole interview was about. It’s not, of course, and if you haven’t seen the interview yet, you can probably guess what he said. Don’t hold out hope either; even if you ignore the various headline quotes and listen to the whole thing in context, he still lives down to expectations.

We could discuss what he said/didn’t say, what he meant, we could get enraged, but honestly, but who are we kidding? He’s just reading the script he’s been handed.

For the marks he (and his campaign) know will go for this. For the other marks who’ll get pissed off.

And that’s what should bother people.