Questions about Navy Boot Camp?

Basic isn’t that bad.

It is easy to say that in hindsight, sitting (yes, actually sitting) in a chair, typing at a laptop, working for a laidback command. Able to carry stuff in my pockets.

Of course, you need to remember how you felt in those first two weeks, what is commonly known as the What the fuck have I gotten myself into? phase. I don’t care how prepared you are, it’s still a shock. Just ask the guy who ran out the front gate on his first day.

Anyways…if you’re in DEP, awaiting your ship date or are thinking of joining, I’m open to any questions you have about Navy boot camp. About Battle Stations, my lips are sealed, but feel free to ask about anything else.

Email me your questions. TL1138 AT GMAIL.COM

I promise I’ll get back to you quickly.