NEW BOOK SAMPLE: The Pale Ancient & the House of Mirrors, only till May 15

EXCITING NEWS: the first 50 pages of ‘The Pale Ancient and the House of Mirrors’ are now available on Smashwords for FREE. The sample will only be available until May 15, so read it, review it and spread the word!

Here’s some quick info on the book:

An amateur foreign journalist goes missing while investigating a blood-cult in a small Chinese town.

Mary Hudson is a new China-based writer who dreams of cementing her name along the expat greats. When she accepts a friend’s invitation to see “real China”, she thinks she’s finally found the story she needs.

On the way there she meets Richard. He is seeking out cryptic messages taped all over the town. The messages point people towards a condemned house on the city outskirts, where from afar you hear bees, up close you hear a eunuch’s song.

And inside you wander forever in the mirrors.

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